Particulatim can provide facility designs for animal handling purposes for producers, packers, feedlots, and universities. Whether you are looking to improve existing facilities or build brand new facilities Particulatim can help. These designs will utilize the behavior of the animal to reduce stress and labor and increase safety for both the animal and the handler.

Regardless of size, Dr. Kip can help improve your animal handling facilities. He has worked with small cow-calf herds with portable panels, commercial feed yards, national packers, and large-scale university research facilities.

Drawings produced by Particulatim are designed based on years of experience and training regarding animal handling, interactions, safety regulations, and more. Price is variable on the scale of the project. Contact us for an estimate.


What to expect

The first step is an interview with Dr. Kip where the client’s goal and vision for the facility are shared, along with any preliminary drawing they may have followed by a review of the site through an on-site or virtual visit. A line and 2-d drawings, scaled to the site, are produced. Particulatim can then collaborate with the client, builders, or engineers involved in the process. The process is then completed with animal handler training with Dr. Kip so employees can learn how to best utilize the facilities.


Particulatim provides animal handling training for facility design customers and an a la carte service. Training can be conducted on-site or virtually, where possible.

Animal handling training begins in the classroom with the basics of the animal first learning about how to read and communicate with them. The training then goes to an application process. Dr. Kip shows the class how to work the animal first and then allows participants a chance with one-on-one coaching. All training is recorded to highlight areas for improvement.

Dr. Kip has years of animal handling experience and has attended Bud Williams’ School and has experience in the field as a consulting veterinarian. The goal of the training is to better understand the connection between animal and handler to reduce stress and increase safety for both.

Each training session is unique to the facility so contact us for pricing.


Improving efficient animal handling and wellbeing through facility evaluation, design, and personalized training one step at a time.

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