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Particulatim is a company focused on improving animal handling through facility evaluation, design, and personalized training. The beginnings of Particulatim come from Dr. Kip Lukasiewicz’s role in Production Animal Consultation, PAC, where he began to see the need for drawings for better facilities after visiting ranches, feedlots, and packers. While Particulatim, is a young company, it truly started years ago with preliminary drawings by Dr. Kip to better serve his clients on cattle handling and management.

Dr. Kip worked with Bud Williams and Dr. Tom Noffsinger to understand and study the behavior of prey animals. This allowed him to develop expertise in creating facility designs that can work with animals in their environments.

A recent project at a national packing plant resulted in a 33 percent reduction in needed labor. Dr. Kip worked cross-functionally with upper management, shift managers, and animal handlers to re-design existing facilities to recognize the connection between animals and humans.

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Improving efficient animal handling and wellbeing through facility evaluation, design, and personalized training one step at a time.

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